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windy roots

windy roots llc was established as an outlet to share our creations with the world around us.  our interests and passions vary greatly.  the products we create change as quickly as the seasons.   

the soapbox agenda is our company's main entity.  having backgrounds in chemistry and visual arts this endeavor came naturally. 

handcrafted soaps are one of the items we find ourselves collecting during our travels.  eventually we decided we would like to try our hand at the process of soap making.  

it was in this moment, the soapbox agenda was created.

  our handcrafted soaps contain fragrances that pay homage to our travels, as well as the beauty of the west virginia mountains.  our company strives to use as many locally sourced resources as possible.  we also make every effort to be economically conscious from our sustainably sourced ingredients to our plastic free packaging.   

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