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nefertiti (milk & honey with oats)

nefertiti (milk & honey with oats)


nefertiti is a shea butter soap.  in addition to the standard saponified three oil blend of coconut, palm, and olive oils, shea butter provides a creamy richness to the soap leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth without using animal products. 

nefertiti also uses ground oats as an exfoliant.  the combination of milk and honey has been used for thousands of years for restorative and cosmetic purposes.  the addition of ground oatmeal increases the soothing affects nefertiti has to offer.  

  • Soap Maintenace

    Keeping your soap dry when not in use will extend your soap's shelf life significantly. We recommend using a soap dish or something similiar to keep your bar out of puddled water.

  • Ingredients

    Saponified olive, coconut, and sustainably resourced palm oils, shea butter, distilled water, ground oatmeal and a fragrance blend of milk and honey

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